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so i haven’t posted on haleytakesphotos in a while, so here’s a little update.

in april i finished my first year of college in my photography program. 
i now have a facebook page.
this month i shot my first wedding.
in the next couple of weeks i’m going to be purchasing my new domain name and creating myself a starter website.
im getting business cards made up in the next couple of weeks.
i’ve gotten an inquiry about a wedding in october.
and i will be shooting a wedding with my best photographer friend chelsea in august, which is small but the photos are going to be fantastic.

so thats whats been going on with me lately!
im going to post a few photos from the wedding right now! 

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i failed to upload photos…

however, im going to take 5 stock photos depicting happiness for an assignment.
and then im going to look at some of my photos from toronto the other day that show textures.
and then im going to re-edit my horrid fashion photo assignment. okay great. see you all in a bit. 

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i promise i will upload photos to my blog tonight.

lots of photos.

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